Friday, December 31, 2010

God Loves Ugly

Hoping for something never changes anything, but believing produces action. And action changes everything. ~ Christa Black, God Loves Ugly

I feel like I have to dedicate my first post to the woman who inspired me to create this blog (as well as coming up with a title): Christa Black.
She recently came out with a book called God Loves Ugly. Her book is a guide on learning to love yourself--body, mind and soul. I wish I could come up with some magical quote that will make you race over to her store and purchase it, but I can't; not because there aren't any, but because there are too many to chose from. She is inspiring and her beauty, love for life and absolute support ooze from the pages. I read this book in a matter of days and as soon as my mom finishes with it, I'm re-reading it and after that, probably again. My dad wants to read it too, so I may be waiting a little while for my second read through. (: I see it becoming one of those indispensable books that will live on your top shelves when it's not in your hands.

The subtitle for the book is "& Love Makes Beautiful". For some reason, that phrase has stuck with me since the day I picked up the book and since I fully plan on crafting this blog into a diary of my journey to loving myself, I felt it was only appropriate. In Christa's book, she offers lists to make and suggestions to aid you on your journey to becoming completely happy. Since its the New Year, I figured, what's a better way to kick off 2011? Learning to love ALL of me certainly seems like a good way. Maybe I'll post lists of stuff I'm working on or experiences that I have while working on those things; we'll see.

I'd definitely write more, but we're having a party tomorrow and I hear house cleaning calling my name. So, item one on the "Get Better At" list:

  1. Enjoy cleaning, and not just the results. What an awesome ability to have: being able to make something (ie: a house) look gooooood. Also, even though it's loud, vacuuming is SO instantly gratifying, and who doesn't love that?
Enjoy the last day of 2010, folks! 2011 is going to be an amazing year. (: