Friday, August 10, 2012

Numbers 1 and 3

In the past month, Amanda and I have tackled not one, but TWO, items on our bucket list.

#1: We got our noses pierced.

It was exciting and scary and wonderful and I'm SO glad she was there to hold my hand. We'd done a bunch of research on nose piercings, places to get it done, talked to our parents, etc and just decided to go for it. A month later...we still love it. No regrets here.

#3: We went hiking!

With our friend Melissa from school, we trekked up to Moses Cone for a hike before heading to a waterfall trail nearby. While we were crossing various creeks to get to said waterfall, I fell in. Straight on my rear. Fun stuff.

Nevertheless, it was an awesome day--cold creeks, falls, good friends and everything else. 

We both leave for school on Friday, so I'm not sure how many more items will actually get checked off, but I think we're going to give it a try! Six days of summer left and counting...