Thursday, May 30, 2013


I'm kind of in love with being back home. I miss the Hill and my friends dearly (and being able to walk to just about everything was nice too)--but right here is definitely where I need to be right now.

Because it doesn't feel quite real yet, I've been walking along making a mental list of some of the little things that I adore about being back home:

  • the curve just off 70 on St. Pauls Ch Rd: it has all of those < < < signs, warning you about this "curve", but you can always tell if the people ahead of you are locals. we know not to brake in this tiny little baby curve.
    • Maylen and I were doing errands the other day and I explained to her about the importance of this curve. then we had fun finding the locals from the interlopers. what can I say? we're easy to please.
  • evening walks. Mama and I have started taking the dogs for walks after dinner and it's nice just to be out in the neighborhood. there are still a few people out and about and even more people sitting on their porches, just watching the world go by. it's lovely. (I like to point out all of the beautiful houses and we talk architecture. nerdy and we love it.)

  • my high school friends. it's so wonderful to see them again. graduation was last week and I still haven't quite recovered. I was so emotional and full of so much pride. I'm kind of in love with them all.

  • my family. it's just nice to be back in the house--it almost feels like I'm in high school again. there's a rhythm that's not quite communicated over the phone and Skype and on my two visits home a semester. 
    • fun fact: we're currently working our way through all the seasons of Friends (or rewatching, in my parents' case.) and every time we get a new disc from Netflix, we don't watch it until all of us can sit down and watch every episode. #shameless
  • time with my bff...fffffffff. I've desperately missed Amanda and it's so nice to get to have my "other half" back. we still finish each other's sentences. we're still loud and a little obnoxious. as she would say: "whateva."

Yep, I'm a fan of you, summer. Thanks for being here.

xo, B.