Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Biffle-Sis.

I didn't want to bother my Facebook friends with this, so I figured this was the perfect space to get all sappy.

It's my best friend's birthday today. In January, we'll have been friends for 17 years. She's now known me longer than most people--including my younger sisters--and to say that Amanda and I have been through everything together would be an understatement. This past year has been one of our toughest yet, but I'm proud to say that somehow, we've made it work. (Feel free to make a relationship/dating joke at any point now. I promise, they've been made before.)

Speaking of, in high school, we were even given a couple name. Brimanda. We've heard the Siamese twin joke too. In one day, four different people asked us if we were sisters. Two more asked if we were twins.

I think we answered yes.

This girl is basically my polar opposite (aside from the looks). I prefer to think of her as my other half. Amanda describes us as emotional lesbian lovers. Whatever. She's an art major, whereas I just want to take writing classes until I graduate. She flourishes in the summer, I count down the days until I can wear sweaters again. I love to drive and she loves to let me. Roller coasters terrify her. She can fall asleep anywhere. She journals her life through pictures and I often forget I have a camera. She's an extrovert, I'm a massive introvert. I'd rather listen to an adult conversation while she's on the floor with the kids. She cries over most movies; if a movie makes me cry, it's a keeper.

We balance each other.

Both of us live to read. Both of us internalize our emotions like it's our job. Both of us have travel bucket lists. We both like to craft (except she's light years better). We're both cheapos (which makes for more creative activities). We can marathon Disney movies like professionals. We both love our family--and each other's.

Both of us can't imagine life without the other.

I'm desperately missing her today.

Congratulations on your 19 travels around the sun, beautiful. Wish I could celebrate with you.
Happy birthday, A.