Monday, June 9, 2014

Dipping My Toe...

So, it's been a while. (To say the least--really, it's been almost exactly 11 months.)

I've wanted to get back into blogging for a while, but haven't quite known what to say. Then, randomly, my page count exploded literally overnight. I guess that's my cue. Things have been up in the air for a while and life's thrown a few curveballs. I have several posts drafted that maybe I'll start to address again, but now, it's nice to just get something out there.

This summer will definitely be interesting. There are a few projects (a lot) around the house that we are trying to get finished up finally and I've recently decided not to try and find a job. That's been terrifying. I'm looking at graduating in two years with no ideas or plans. Next summer, I'll be going abroad so I realized that right now, I need to be at home, soaking up every last moment with my family that I can before I get tossed out into the real world.

Yep, terrifying.

Still, it's given me the chance to put together the biggest to-do list in the history of the world (you think I'm exaggerating) and to get to spend some time with my favorite people in the world.

That said, if you're in the area and need some pet or baby sitting? I'm your girl.

Whew, this feels good.


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