Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Month of Thanksgiving

I have a full page of draft posts to be written (really, there are probably 12 or more), but today, I was reminded by an incredibly wise English professor how important it is to write, even if it's five sentences. I'll probably go over that, but for what's left of November, my challenge to myself to write one post every day (my ulterior motive is also to avoid pissing off my Facebook friends with a daily status on what I'm thankful for; yay, happiness!).

So in order to catch up on what I missed:
November 1: I don't remember what was going on that day, but I'm pretty sure I was probably just thankful to be alive. That's always a pretty solid bet.
November 2: I remember having an especially awesome conversation with Amanda that day, so in case the last 15 years haven't proved as much--I'm always thankful for my amazing, beautiful, funny, supportive best friend.
Reunited over fall break! There was probably a lot of ugly crying happening at this moment.
November 3: I'm thankful for my job and my amazing bosses. Saturday was our big scholarship awards brunch and it went wonderfully--thanks to all of their hard work!
November 4: Sundays, as every good football fan knows, are NFL Sundays. Unfortunately, as every college student knows, it's also Last-Minute-Forgot-About-Homework-Due-on-Monday Sundays. I'm thankful for my wonderful dad who texts me the scores of the Green Bay Packers games because he knows I can't watch.

November 5: I'm thankful for productivity and warm libraries. It was cold, rainy...and just the right temperature inside Davis to get the majority of my paper written.
November 6: I am thankful for the fact that in this country, I can wear whatever I want, say whatever I want, love whomever I want and stand up for these same rights for others.

And finally, today:
November 7: I'm thankful for inspiration; the inspiration to write, to be healthier, to go the extra mile when I just feel like giving up. I'm also thankful for the gym and Miranda, 'cause Lord knows this girl don't work out by herself at home.

What are you thankful for?

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