Friday, June 28, 2013

June 23

There's been a lot going on around here this week. I've discovered that aside from writing, this is my go-to stress relief. Also, I just like to overshare. -shrugs-
  • Last week, I cut off all my hair. Well, really just a lot of it. I hadn't exactly planned to--and it's been a big adjustment. It definitely took a few days for me to get used to it--and a few days more to figure out why it's been such a big change--and why I've had such an emotional connection to it.
    I was sitting in class the day after I had my hair cut and the prof was calling on people. I purposely looked down at the desk and waited for my hair to fall forward and hide my face. The surprise of that thought may have made me actually look up. Holy shiz, was not expecting that.
    So this past week has been me coming to terms with that idea and how it feels to be...revealed. It's been harder than I was expecting. But I'm getting used to it. Maybe.
  • One of my dearest, sweetest friends has left for the beach for the entire summer and told my friend and I that we could ride her horses while she was gone. I've only been able to go once so far...but the summer isn't over yet! I'm so excited and it seems like a good way to get back into the stable swing before I [hopefully!] start taking lessons again in the fall (the thought of it makes me want to cry a little bit with happiness).
  • The novel that I'm writing with Brit is going really well. Because we both kind of fizzled out last time, we decided to really plan it out this go-round. So far, it's been incredibly inspiring. We're both incredibly pumped (still!) and it's basically taken over our lives. I'm not complaining.

I occasionally get a little OCD. (:
  • Last weekend was Allie's birthday, so I headed down to Charlotte to celebrate with her and some of her friends from high school. It was a fabulous night--we practically closed down South Park by just hanging out and visiting. I've missed her desperately. 
    • also, it was my first time driving through downtown Charlotte alone...and I didn't cry. which is more than I can say for my first solo drive in Atlanta. (I sobbed. Holy goodness, it was terrifying.)
  • Our French exchange student, √Čline, is here! Her sister stayed with us two years ago and then Mom and I stayed with her family in Paris last year. It's fantastic to have her here and I know it's going to be an incredible three weeks. We all volunteered at the local soup kitchen yesterday and she was a total champ. It's overwhelming--even when you speak the language, but she jumped right in to help and was a pro!
  • As of Tuesday morning, I am officially done with Spanish II! Spanish III starts right now, I'm enjoying my little "vacation". Every time I get the urge to look ahead in the book (bc, yes, that's the kind of person I am), I squash it. There'll be more than enough time to do that in the next 5 weeks. 
  • The real reason I wrote this was because I remembered a phone call this morning...that I was supposed to have Wednesday afternoon. With finals and our various plans and activities and the three different families that I'm house/pet-sitting for this week, it completely slipped my mind. When I remembered this morning, I frantically emailed the woman and started beating myself up. Why didn't I set a reminder, why didn't I tell my mom so she could remind me, why didn't I... It was not fun. Or helpful.
    So, I emailed her, apologized and decided to stop blaming myself (because really, what's going to change now?). Then I put on a dress, because apparently that's what makes me feel better, and my big girl pants, and felt better. It's not fixed and I still feel horrible and completely unprofessional, but...there's nothing I can do about it now. Oh well.
Off to go cuddle some kitties to make myself feel better. Pet-sitting's the best--all of the cuddles with none of the permanent responsibility. Let's just say, I'm a fan.

xo, B.

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