Monday, June 17, 2013


I keep waiting for something exciting to happen. Something worth blogging about...something "blog-worthy". Nothing's coming. Yet.
I'm forcing encouraging myself to realize that this doesn't mean I don't have anything to say. Maybe exciting things are happening. Even if it's just little stuff.

  • Amanda is now at camp for the next month and a half ish. She's going to be a phenomenal counselor and all those campers are darn lucky to get to spend a week working with my best friend.

  • Daddy's officially on summer break (really, ISS? Took y'all long enough) and with his help, house construction projects are getting underway! 
  • (I feel like I should type this in all caps.) My best writing buddy, Brit, and I have re-started knocked to the ground and are painfully re-building a novel that we started together. We Skyped for a planning sesh the other night and after three hours and five pages of notes on a Google Doc, we're both getting started.
  • I'm 10 days away from being DONE with Spanish II and the first summer session! Just five weeks after that, and I will forever be done with my foreign language requirement.
  • Thanks to Mackenzie over at Design Darling, I've gotten the travel bug again. It would make my life if I could figure out how to spend a weekend in Charleston before heading back to school. Ugh, Paris, I miss you so.

    •  If you're not friends with me on FB, you might not have known this, but last Tuesday, Maylen turned 14. I celebrated by taking obnoxious amounts of iPhone pictures and refraining from posting/sharing embarrassing stories. Love you, baby sis.

    • Our French exchange student flies in this coming Sunday! Mom and I stayed with her family last summer and we hosted her older sister the summer before that; it'll be great to see her again. We're all pumped.
    • Saturday was the 8th Annual Backyard Ballistics Day with our homeschool group/extended NC family. We basically sat outside for hours and hours, blowing stuff up, crocheting, eating and visiting. It was Happy Soul kinda stuff.

    • It's finally hydrangea season around here (jk, it's actually almost over) and I've had to actually resist going into people's yards to ooh and ahh over their bushes. Ours are still fairly small, but they still make me smile.

    Exciting or not, life-changing or not, life is continuing on in our sleepy, little town. I got stuck behind a tractor today and also passed a goat farm, who had just let all their kids out to romp in the front field. It may be a far cry from Paris, London, or even Chapel Hill, but sometimes, Catawba County, I'm a fan of you.

    xoxo, B.

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