Sunday, January 23, 2011

Briannen and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Friday was INSANE, especially for my school. For those who aren't friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter or whatever, you might not realize that last week was midterm week. I was thinking about this earlier and realized that I can't remember midterms from other years (and I barely even remember exams). This year, that came to an end: enter Junior Year. Yipes.

Midterms were the stuff of nightmares for children and last night/today I'm dragging so much that I keep having to adjust my typos and make sure I spell things right (pretty rare for me, honestly; English is definitely my strong suit...math/science...not so much). My study strategy since freshman year has seemed to be: pay attention in class, glance over notes and/or fill out a study guide and then wing it during the test. Probably not such a good idea, huh?

Anyway, this blog is not about midterms, but just know that I (actually!) studied (well...somewhat) and did okay (although I'm taking advantage of a retake on Monday for Biology. Grr.) and that Friday was the last day of them: Finishing up one in Algebra 2 and taking the Biology exam.

While we were in Algebra, someone stepped out to go to the bathroom and was immediately ushered back into the classroom by a uniformed policeman standing in the to a giant German Shepard. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. After a little while, we paraded down the hall to stand against the lockers while (I'm assuming) the dog searched our classroom. We were later allowed to go back and the entire class was in a complete uproar. Some people were upset, others were outright angry and some just didn't care.

Long story short, the dog and the team of policemen spent 3 hours searching our school/classrooms, people, bags, etc. I know that it was absolutely terrifying for the several people who got pulled into the office in order to be searched, but an amazing conversation in Family got me back to what I needed to focus on.

We had an amazing group conversation about what the police were doing there, why they were there and what we could/would/should do about it (conclusion: let the police do their jobs and be as cooperative as possible). Dixon was upfront, honest and welcomed our thoughts and ideas and this led to a completely open conversation. Some people ranted and vented and the rest of us just sat there and let them get their emotions out. I'm sure I'm dramatizing this a little bit (after all folks, I am a writer), but affluent details or not, it was nice to be in a place where we weren't afraid to express our emotions. We also had EVERYONE participating which, honestly, can be a rare thing. (Granted, we did break for a couple games of Ninja and finished up the discussion with a debate on our speciality for our upcoming NCHSHS Olympics (Quidditch was definitely voted was the Krispy Kreme challenge).)

All in all, Friday started off rough, got rougher, then smoothed out, which probably makes this title irrelevant, but I love the book and several times during the day, I wondered if life wouldn't just be easier if I DID, in fact, run away to Australia.

Saturday found Maylen, Mom and I at the home of some amazing friends and we were there, well, all day. (: I slept through a good part of Inception and woke up after some craaazy dreams. Schoolwork (aka, the dreaded APUSH outlines) was completely abandoned, but that's what today is for.

Currently, at the moment, RIGHT. NOW, I'm waiting for Mom to get off a work call so I can go over to friend's and housesit for the next 4 days. I feel like I've packed up for college and it's a strange feeling. Dad asked if I would be home at all and I told him only when I got hungry. Maybe it's REALLY like college. ;)

I don't have a specific message or anything today--I'm just recounting my adventures, so my challenge to you is to come up with your own! Tell me about one thing you've learned from this, from life, from something that's hit you over the head (literally OR figuratively). I do have a topic in mind, but it's a currently-going-on issue, so my emotions are WAY too churned up to write about it.


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