Sunday, January 2, 2011


For starters: happy new year to all! 2011 feels like it will be a FANTASTIC year. I can just already tell. (:
Since I still don't have my book back ;) my soapbox today is on negative influences.

Dearest, darling readers, I can't manage to tell you how important having bright lights in your life is (are?).
My family kicked off the year with a party with our some of closest and dearest. There was no one in our house that wasn't/hasn't been a positive influence in our lives and it felt so good. There was laughing, good conversation (to go along with the good food!) and just a general cheerfulness. I heard so much talk on how fantastic 2011 would be and how much would be accomplished/achieved/resolved and how much people were going to move forward. What more can a lucky girl ask for? I'm also proud to say that since this new year began I've made a conscious effort to surround myself with people who simply build me up. At 2am 1/1/11 I was talking to two of my best friends and on 12/31/11 at 12:59, I still want to be talking to them.

Last year I got into a pretty nasty habit of just talking about people. I didn't start rumors, just perpetuated them, which can be as bad as starting the rumor itself. Think about what's worse: the bomb or the blast from it? If there's no one around to spread it, a rumor will just curl up and die. But when people share it and continue talking about it, it grows strength and power, it becomes more elaborate and detailed, like a hurricane.

While you have to assume some of the responsibility for encouraging a rumor, part of your job is also to realize why you're spreading it. Are you around people who encourage or begin spreading rumors? Do you feel the need to spread rumors and lies to feel cool? Hurting other people is not cool, my loves. With rumors, someone ALWAYS gets hurt; it could even be you. Lies affect you, even if you don't like to admit it.

When my mom goes into schools to teach energy psychology and TAT she has this exercise that she loves doing that shows how rumors affect each person physically. She has a volunteer at the front of the class and a group of kids at the back. The group in the back will think alternately negative and positive things towards the volunteer at the front and with muscle testing (visualize the second paragraph being acted out, minus the herb), she shows how negative energy lowers an individual's personal energy/protection/aura/whatever you wanna call your personal bubble.
She will then switch the groups and have a volunteer project out negative thoughts/feelings and shows how their personal bubble will lower/weaken.
Reflexively, positives influences build you up and encourage you.

Now, I totally understand if you're not with me on the whole energy/muscle testing deal (one of my friends jokingly insists that my mother does voodoo) ;) but think of how you feel after you've spent time with someone who supports you...versus someone who is mean and cruel or even just rude. I feel drained after I'm with the rude person, even though I may not feel like that when I'm with them. So one of my goals this year is to surround myself with loving, beautiful, spiritual people and draw as many people as I can into our glowing circle.

So my challenge to you is to reach out to that one person who stands alone in the lunch line or sits alone or is always picked on. Just one. I find that it is much easier to love someone else then to love yourself; so love someone else, encourage them, boost them up...and then we'll work on turning the beauty that you're projecting outward, inward.

Getting off my soapbox now. I love you all.

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