Sunday, May 27, 2012

#s 5 and 8

Last night, Amanda and I tackled item number 5 on our bucket list: going to a baseball game. The Crawdads were playing the Lexington Legends on Friday night and the local Dad's League rented a box so we hopped right on that train. Did you know that when you get a get free food? It was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

My family is ridiculously sports-oriented (I guess that's what you get when you're the granddaughter of a sportswriter AND live in the South), but I only have the foggiest when it comes to baseball. I've been to several games, but really, at baseball games, crowd-watching can sometimes take up all your attention. This game, I finally started to figure out what was happening! It was incredibly exciting. (I think I'm using far too many adverbs in this post.)

In Hickory, we manage to turn base cleaning into a lesson on the importance of dental hygiene. That guy terrifies me a little bit. 

In addition to learning the various rules of baseball, Amanda and I also managed to get into some general shenanigans (do you "get into" shenanigans? Sure, why not.). We jumped in the bouncy house--along with some other small child. Bless her. I hadn't remembered how exhausting that was! After what felt like forever, the girl running it turned to us and said "one more minute.". I wasn't entirely sure I could keep going! We stumbled out and Amanda made an executive decision to never again go in the "House of Pain". We sure learned our lesson.

After that, Olivia and Kinsey, who were also there, used some of their Dippin' Dots energy to go ride the carousel...and like the mature, grown-up, college kids we are, we joined in. 

After the carousel, we literally chased down the mascot and got our picture made with him. ...part of me is slightly ashamed, but I fully believe in taking every single opportunity possible...even if they include people dressed up like crayfish. (:

The photobombing kid also absolutely made my night. I have no idea who it is was...but I love him.

Right after we won! (It doesn't happen that often.)
It was fireworks night in honor of Memorial Day! And I love me some fireworks. We'll be in France during July 4 and fly out just before Bastille Day, so I was excited to see some! 

Saturday, we got cracking on #8: Finding an official Brimanda summer song. After much deliberation, some discussion and compromise, we discovered (lyrics): 

We're excited to be crossing things off of our bucket list! Neither of us has to go to school for the next two weeks, so more will be coming soon (as well as an awesome post about my dining room. It's exciting.)!

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