Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Time Is It? Summertime!

Today, I realized how little time I have before college begins! AP testing finished today (for me at least), so now just a few chapter tests, 1/3 of a final project and just over two weeks stand between me and graduation. In the words of Babs from Chicken Run: "All me life flashed before me eyes...it was really borin'."

So Amanda and I have taken it upon ourselves to make it less boring. Tonight (after she moved out of my house! :( best two-week roommate ever.)  we began a summer bucket list (inspired by Katie Bower). It's going to take a little bit of juggling to get it all done, because my June looks like this (ignore all the reminders for Zumba; it's a repeating event):

(Click for a larger image)

And our July looks like this:

(Click for a larger image)

Then we begin the move-in shenanigans August 16/17/18/general area! Nevertheless, the fun must continue. I've already planned to go stay with her at High Point for at least one weekend in July, where we can continue our shenanigans--taking full advantage of our approximated 3 weeks together. We're still refining/editing this summer bucket list, but for now, here are our plans:

1. Get our noses pierced.
2. Go to a drive-in movie.
3. Go for a hike.
4. Watch the entire Star Wars series in one rainy day/weekend and play the accompanying drinking game (the non-alcohol version, of course). 
5. Go to a baseball game.
6. Play in water sprinklers.
7. Blow bubbles.
8. Find an official Brimanda summer song.
9. Go to an outdoor concert.
       - We're looking at the Greensboro Beach Music in the Park festival.
10. "Camp" outside at our house.
11. Go to a waterpark.
12. Have a picnic.
13. Go to Movies in the Park.
14. Have a Nicholas Sparks marathon. Cry all day.
15. Have a rubber duck/sailboat race in the river.
16. Fly kites.
17. Make homemade ice cream from our homegrown strawberries.
18. Go to a rodeo.
19. Play dress up.
20. Go to the Davidson Soda Shop.
21. Catch fireflies.
22. Go trail riding.
23. Make blanket forts on a rainy day.
24. Plant a tree. Or two. And some flowers.
25. Go swimming in a lake/swimming hole. Then go swimming somewhere that we can take underwater photos.

I ordered a new camera tonight, since I've sold my DSLR, and I'm beyond excited. It's a nice little point and shoot, which means that all of these will be fully documented and posted on here for posterity before we are allowed to cross it off the list. 

Here's to best friends and Summer 2012!

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