Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paris, Day Two - 6/26

On our second day, we got a bit of a late start because the trains were running half an hour behind. Of course, this also meant that they were 10,000% more jammed (obviously, this number was based on lots of research).

We got off at the St. Paul Métro stop and set out for the Carnevalet Museum. The museum is actually spread out between two old mansions right in the center of town. We followed a sign into the edge of the neighborhood, wandered around...thought we'd missed another sign, turned back, ended up on the main street, turned back around. We eventually found it and I wish I'd nabbed a picture of the outside because, honestly, I could have totally walked past it without knowing there was a beautiful museum inside.

Louis the XIV 

I know I'm short, but that fireplace was huge

Don't quote me on this, but I think this was one of the faces from Pont Neuf. Either way, I adore it and want one for my room.

The courtyard in the center of the two houses

Half of the courtyard

We wandered around the museum with our trusty friend, Ricky Steves (seriously, for anyone considering European travel, Rick Steves is the way to go). After we were done, we went to the courtyard for a snack--we're like Boy Scouts; we travel prepared--before winding our way back to the Métro station. We got a baguette and had lunch in front of Hotel de Ville.

Saw this on the way to the Métro. Amen.

Our lunching spot.

After lunch, we headed to Les Halles--an indoor market that Sylvie had recommended to us. It's a huge underground mall--so huge it has it's own Métro station. We looked around, stopped in one of the stores. Mom spoke French to the cashier and they chatted for a minute, then when she went to pay with her credit card, the cashier saw it and switched to English. Even though Mom continued speaking in French, the cashier stuck to English. It was very sweet.

We headed home and I went with Axelle to her riding lesson at the local pony club. One thing I noticed: many more boys ride there than they do here. I firmly believe that should be fixed here. (:

Even though it was late when she and I got back (8-ish or so), we had dinner with the family and all headed to bed. It was the perfectly wonderful kind of exhausted. (:

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  1. Thanks for the pictures. They are awesome. Hope you are having a blast. :)