Sunday, June 24, 2012

Going to Paris - 6/24

Today, we made the 7-hour trek to Paris. We started our trip in Toulouse, which is in the South of France and planned to go to Paris (in the North) after. To get to Paris, we decided to take the train through the French countryside. Sylvie bought our tickets and put us on the slower train (instead of the TGV) so that we (meaning I, since I haven't seen it before, haha) could see what France looks like outside of the city. Conclusion? It is absolutely beautiful. I spent almost the entire trip glued to the window with my camera. Warning: the other working title for this post was: "Gratuitous Pictures of French Fields"...just as a heads-up.

I am intensely, ridiculous, unfathomably in love with little French villages.

They also have super cute "no passing" signs. Tony told us that because so many people from other countries drive in France, the EU has established a set of multi-country signs, so even people who don't speak French recognize the meaning.

Is there a Little French Villages Addicts Anonymous? I think I might need to go.

Sylvie and Axelle picked us up at the train station and then we took the M├ętro to their town. We arrived about 5, so we visited, settled into our room and had dinner with the family. It was a crazy jumble of French and English (as Mom translated), but a lot of fun at the same time.

We're definitely glad to be here and are ready to begin exploring Paris tomorrow.


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